How Does Spacekap Complement Your Fleet Vehicles?

How Does Spacekap Complement Your Fleet Vehicles?

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Fleet vehicles are an essential part of how a business can operate, and they will only increase in the coming years with the potential tax benefit of a fleet purchase program.

Moreover, more customers are choosing to trade their second cars or trucks. Instead, they use a business vehicle for commercial and recreational use with a reduced tax liability (per new tax advice).

That’s where Spacekap comes in. This article will explore how our service bodies complement a general motors fleet or other manufacturer models, allowing you to get more use out of them.

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What is a Fleet Vehicle?

Fleet vehicles are a particular type of vehicle a business uses for their job operation. For comparison purposes, they are different from other types of business vehicles in a few ways:

– They tend to be larger and more durable

– They usually are equipped with services-specific features

For example, these vehicles might be equipped with racks or storage units to carry cargo or supplies or have unique engines or transmissions that can handle heavy loads.

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How do you know if a service body is right for your fleet?

Fleet solutions are essential for a job of any size. But what happens when you need to carry equipment or tools with you instead of passengers? That’s where a service body comes in.

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There are a variety of service bodies that one can choose from with different sizes and storage options. However, it is essential to note that service bodies are only compatible with vehicles like pickup trucks. Cars, SUVs, and other smaller vehicle models are not as compatible.

It is crucial to consider the business you are in before choosing a service body for your trucks. Service bodies are best used for industries like:

– Building Maintenance

– Parcel Delivery

– Telecommunications

– First Responders

– Contractors

– Utilities

What are the benefits of using Spacekap service bodies for your vehicles?

Service bodies are the perfect solution for a reasonable retail price. If your business is looking for a reliable and affordable way to transport tools, you should carefully review service bodies as an option.

Thanks to the low availability of cargo vans, more and more businesses are turning to Spacekap as an alternative. And with our wide range of sizes and models, we’re sure to deliver a perfect configuration for your specific vehicle model.

Spacekap's Wild fiberglass service body on a GMC pickup truck with all doors opened & tools inside - medium

Spacekap bodies provide the exact needs that cargo vans would provide to a company.

They are perfect for businesses that need to transport equipment or tools, as they offer a lot of storage space and improve interior height.

They are also great for businesses that need to keep their vehicles organized, as a Spacekap model provides organization and separation between different equipment, tools, and other accessories.

Side view of the Spacekap Diablo fiberglass service body on a Ford F250 pickup truck with the doors closed - medium

Benefits of Spacekap’s fiberglass service bodies for a vehicle model include:

-Fuel economy

-Storage space

-Possibilities of advertising

– Increased productivity and safety for employees

– More organized and efficient work area

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In fact, Spacekap just leased bodies to Enterprise for their general motors fleet.

This partnership will allow Enterprise to equip its fleet with Spacekap’s innovative and efficient bodies, which will help improve their operations and save them time and money.

In Conclusion

Ditch the dealer fees, the destination freight charge, and unnecessary license requirements at a car dealer. Spacekap offers four distinct brands of transferable service bodies designed to complement and improve your current fleet’s ability.

Spacekap's Compak fiberglass service body on a Ford F250 pickup truck with all doors opened - medium

Our accessories customize the storage capacity of our customers’ vehicles. Our quality, optional equipment can even provide a workspace for your team.

To learn more details about how Spacekap can enhance fleet solutions at a great retail price, contact a Spacekap expert today about our services or explore vehicles.

You can also visit our website to search truck bodies and their purchase price or carefully review what previous customers notice about our performance. CTA: Spacekap expert today