Commercial Wild Slide In Service Body

Your search for a durable, slide in enclosed service body that can withstand the most rugged exposure ends here. Ditch your difficult old service van and work smarter with the Wild.

Built to last

SpaceKap’s Wild model is built to last with high-tech materials. It’s engineered with tough jobs in mind but doesn’t compromise efficiency. The Wild’s unique lightweight and aerodynamic design makes the most of your fuel mileage. 

Smart leaders know happy workers work better. Special features added to increase safety, comfort, and efficiency help your crew perform at their best. Unique opening options that can’t be found anywhere else help to maximize space efficiency when it comes to packing in cargo. With a 53″ interior height, it’s large enough to move around inside, with the added advantage of full-length side doors for easy access from the outside. Maximizes your space and secure your tools with an optional shelves system. Plus, unlike a van, this transferable service body keeps workers safely separated from dirty or hazardous materials. Customizable storage configurations optimize the space to fit your project’s specific needs.

wild field city construction min
Use your own truck

The SpaceKap concept not only gives you the flexibility of
choosing your favorite Make and Model of truck to go
underneath it but will also provide you with peace of mind
when coupled with a the 4×4 capabilities of the truck you

Organize your tools

 Our shelving systems are designed to not only carry and
organize all those parts, but also to provide ease of access. 
Our side doors on the Compak and Wild will allow you to
easily retrieve your most used tools without having to climb
over other equipment stored in the main cargo area like on
a typical van.

Front view of the Wild on a GMC with side door open


The amazing side door opening of 24”x 84” is the widest in the industry, preventing any dead zone in your cargo area. You can also install an optional sliding tray so you'll never have to clim in the cargo space to get your material or tools.

Back view of the Spacekap Wild service body on a Dodge pickup truck with the doors opened - resized


Like all our models, the Spacekap WILD was made to last and built using only Owen’s Corning fiberglass. Our engineered composite recipe makes it lightweight and strong and our lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects proves it.

Back view of a Dodge GMC with the Wild Spacekap


Make a smart choice with this lightweight and aerodynamic model, designed to be extremely fuel-efficient and cost-effective.


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New truck? No problem. Wild model service body can be transferred to any other pickup truck in the market with the same truck bed length.

Slam latch system

The Wild’s specially designed slam latch system is built to keep your tools & equipment maximally secured with minimal effort.

Electric door locks

Keep your equipment safe and easily gain access with the push of a button.

320° of accessibility

The largest opening available in the industry offers easy access you won’t find anywhere else.

12V plug

Keep tools powered on the go with a built-in 12V outlet.

High UV resistant SK-Gelcoat

Built to withstand the elements. This high-tech coating helps make sure your truck’s toughness lasts.

LED Lighting

Wild’s lighting system is built with LED bulbs to ensure long-lasting illumination that can withstand the elements.

1/4” Rubber mat

Safety for you and your service body matters. The non-slip mat stops unwanted sliding.

Universal design/fit

Any truck any time.

Over 50 years of experience

The experts at SpaceKap have been working hard so you can work smart since 1972.

Wild Specifications

Commercial Wild Slide In Service Body is available in two sizes

Wild 6'
Wild 8'
  • 53” height
  • 53” height
  • 49.5” width on floor
  • 49.5” width on floor
  • 82” length on floor
  • 98” length on floor
  • 535 pounds
  • 625 pounds


QSP Contractor Ranger shelving solutions for the Wild service body - 2 strong shelves (15" & 10" deep) on each side and 2 hooks at the back
QSP Plumber /Electrician Ranger shelving solutions with 3-shelf configuration & a 4-case cabinet for the Wild service body
QSP Plumber /Electrician Ranger shelving solutions workbench coupled with shelving, dividers, and bins for the Diablo service body
QSP HVAC Ranger shelving solutions for the Wild service body - with ample storage areas and dividers in the shelves on the passenger side

View How Our Wild Service Body Fits Your Pickup Truck

SpaceKap service bodies are made with your truck in mind. The Wild can be fitted to any modern pickup truck on the market today.


WILD model allows you and your employees to improve your comfort when compared to a cargo van. Our units separate the cargo zone from the driver’s cab, creating a natural sound barrier between your tools and any other equipment you may carry, to prevent annoying sounds coming from the back during transport.

By having a separate cargo and cabin, the WILD also cut out the smell emanating from the back of your van when transporting chemicals, oil, and gas.

During summer and winter months, SpaceKap drivers will find that their cabin will be cooled and/or heated much faster than in a regular service van.

Finally, in the event of an unfortunate accident, the driver of a WILD will be safer and have fewer chances of getting hurt. WILD is the best service van alternative out there!

Compare Our Different Models

Not sure if the Wild model is right for you? Not a problem! Compare any of our enclosed service body models with one another to find what best fits your needs.


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