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Other Service Body Accessories

Although a work truck is a valuable accessory on its own, there are other options and accessories you can add to it to improve its function. Truck lights can increase your visibility on the road, an inverter can provide power for your devices while on the go, and tubes can help keep your cargo secure.

If you are looking to customize the look, the performance or to add features to your Spacekap or Fibrobec, we have different solutions and accessories to fit all your needs.

Looking to equip your pickup truck with a service body or replace your truck cap? Enjoy the benefits of our slide-in fiberglass service body while getting the job done.

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Work Truck Accessories

Service body accessories provide various benefits for truck owners, and one of the popular add-ons is lights.

LED light bars are a great way to increase your visibility while driving, important for safety. Additionally, you can use them to light up an area when you’re parked or working on something. Be visible on the worksite and make sure other people know you are there. Security first!

Inverters let you use power from your truck battery to run devices that require AC power, like laptops or microwaves.

Tubes can be installed on your truck cap to create more storage space.

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