Fiberglass Service Bodies

Fiberglass Service Bodies

Looking to equip your pickup truck with a service body or replace your truck cap? Look no further than our fiberglass service bodies. Whether you manage a large fleet or operate your own company, Spacekap truck bodies can meet your needs. Lightweight, rust-proof, and secure, our product will increase your efficiency and help you save money.

We have models that fit any make and model of pickup truck on the market, and they’re available in either 6′ or 8′ sizes. Plus, our fiberglass body construction means they’re lightweight, rugged, and durable enough to handle whatever you throw at them. So whether you’re a contractor looking for a way to secure tools and equipment better than a regular truck cap, or you need some extra storage space, our service bodies are the perfect solution for reliable performance. Enjoy the benefits of our fiberglass bodies while getting the job done.

Spacekap's Compak fiberglass service body on a Ford F250 pickup truck with all doors opened - medium

Compak Service Body

The commercial Compak slide in the fiberglass service body is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to use underground parking. Its built makes it easy to access, and it's super easy to reach your equipment, better than in a regular truck cap. Once installed on your vehicle, the Compak blends into your truck design and assure a smooth ride every time. You can upfit your composite truck bodies with shelves and sliding trays giving you the capacity to transport all material without climbing inside. Your employees will thank you!

Spacekap's Wild fiberglass service body on a GMC pickup truck with all doors opened & tools inside - medium

Wild Service Body

The commercial Wild slide-in fiberglass service body is the perfect cargo van alternative for professionals like you. With a 53″ interior height, it’s large enough to move around inside, with the added advantage of full-length side doors for easy access from the outside. Outperform any truck cap in the market and transform your work truck into a van; you will rely on a rugged solution. No other manufacturers can offer this.

Side view of the Spacekap Diablo fiberglass service body on a Ford F250 pickup truck with the doors closed - medium

Diablo Service Body

The Diablo is the most versatile service body on the market. With a height of 75″ and a spacious interior volume (372 ft3), this product is perfect for anyone looking for a mobile workstation. No truck cap in the market can offer this. Do you search to replace those high-roof vans? Are you tired of toad your trailer every day? The versatility of our Diablo model is the perfect solution for you. There is no need to buy those expensive steel bodies anymore; you can transform your standard truck into a complete workstation.