Sliding Tray



We are proud to be able to select products that work as hard as our customers do.

Sliding trays are a great product to do this. These sliding trays simplify loading and unloading. No need to crawl into your van anymore or bend down, you have access to 100% of your floor space, safely and without effort. You can equip your Spacekap truck with a sliding tray that will help you organize your materials and tools. The slide-in service body sliding tray can support up to 1000 lbs and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Ford F-150 with Compak and slide

Equip Your Spacekap With a Sliding Tray

Spacekap recognizes the need to better manage the cargo space in today’s trucks. Our sliding trays are the perfect addition to your Spacekap.

It is a great accessory for anyone who uses their truck for work or hobbies.

Dual slide - Spacekap accessory
Slide carries tools for any job with minimal effort

Big Deal Features

Some of the incredible slide tray features :

spacekap compak sliding tray

Easy to install

The bedslide Sliding Tray is a great product for any truck owner. It provides an easy and efficient way to load and unload items. Simple push and pull allow you to access your stuff with minimal effort. It also has a solid steel frame and aluminum side contour panels, making it durable and long-lasting. Depending on your needs, the bedslide tray can be configured in three different ways.

Dual slide with handle extended accessory for Spacekap
Best gear for all of your stuff. Great length no matter your tools.

The specifications of the sliding pull out tray include three different combinations:

  • Single 24″
  • Single 48″
  • Dual 48″
Singe 48" Sliding Tray Accessory
Slide for easy access minimal effort. Simple pull to extend

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If you are looking for a way to make your truck more accessible and organized safely, it is time to equip it with the SpaceKap Sliding Tray. 

Spacekap recognizes the need to better manage the space in today’s trucks. Our sliding trays are the perfect addition to your Spacekap. The sliding trays can help you organize help keep everything within reach.

Since 1999, we have been helping customers get more out of their trucks. The sliding tray will help you do this.

The sliding tray has features that allow up to 75% extension, so loading becomes much easier. It also comes fully assembled and installs easily within minutes of purchase.

Other Accessories

If you’re looking for other products gear in addition to awesome bed slides, we have many models and accessories that are sure to meet your gear needs. We’re here to help our customers find the best solutions.

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