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Service Bodies For First Responders: How they Enhance Your First Responder Truck

A Spacekap product can be customized to fulfill the requirements of First Responders, ranging from a Chief who requires a mobile command center to a Firefighter who needs to have their tools within close proximity of the incident. Spacekap is the ideal solution.

Spacekap collaborated with partners to create Rapid Response Unit models based on the Spacekap design, catering to more specialized needs.

With a team comprising former First Responders, the experts at Spacekap are dedicated to providing the best solutions to Fire Departments, EMS, or Police units.

Their units are adaptable to various First Responder specialties, such as medical supplies, traffic control, extrication equipment, power assistance, and more.

Service Bodies For First Responders

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Our Spacekap customizable service bodies provide Fire departments, EMS, and Police units the best way to transport their equipment across sites.

Trusted by 1,000+ companies in North America, our products are made to last 15 to 20 years without rust. Also, with our specially designed shelves from Ranger, they will not get lost and stay sound as long as you keep your unit.

The Benefits of Using a Service Body on a First Responder Vehicle

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Using service bodies instead of other options like storage containers or trailers helps improve the functionality of first responder vehicles. It is essential for responders everywhere because the truck stays lightweight and quickly responds to emergencies.

Some of the many benefits and features include :

  • Can help you transport equipment and tools;
  • Can act as a mobile command center, which is vital in large-scale emergencies;
  • Can serve as a workshop where first responders can work on equipment and vehicles in a safe environment;
  • It can be outfitted with special tools and equipment specific to the type of emergency response.
  • It is cheaper to operate a pickup truck and a Spacekap than those big firetruck; get a better cost per intervention ratio.

All our models offer:

  • Universal fit for 6 & 8-foot pickup boxes
  • Unique transferability options
  • Rustproof3
  • Lightweight construction
  • Customizable shelving units
  • Capability to be installed on 4×4 vehicle
  • Odor and fume-free cab
  • Over 15 years of lifespan
  • Impressive vehicle swapping options
  • Great resale value!

Turn Any Full-Size Pickup Truck Into a First Responder Unit

Some of the incredible services and features include :

Better return on investment than vans

Spacekap, coupled with a 4×4 full-size pickup truck, will be more resistant to rough terrain and potholes than any van on the market today. Plus, you will limit your downtime by efficiently transferring your unit to a new truck if there is a mechanical issue, thus making sure you are always ready to go.


All our units are built with safety features in mind; that’s why we use 40/60 rear doors on all our models that allow our customers to enter their unit by opening only the curbside door and leaving the street side (traffic) door closed. Get your job done safely and securely.

Easy to maneuver

Either our 6.5 or 8 ft version will help you get around more easily. Thanks to our integrated electric door locks, a pickup truck with a tighter turning radius is easier to park to lock; we will help make your job more efficient.

Reliable & Durable

Our products are made to last 15 to 20 years without rust, as all our products use fiberglass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Also, with our specially designed shelving packages from Ranger Design Shelves, you can rest assured they will not get loose but stay strong for as long as you use your Spacekap.

Final Thoughts on Customizing a First Responder Vehicle with Spacekap

If you are searching for a top-quality product for first responders, our partner can design an authentic RRU solution. Their reinforced Spacekap model, composed of carbon and steel, is custom-made for heavy-duty usage.

If you’re looking to equip your services truck with a service body or replace your truck cap, look no further than our slide-in service body. Spacekap truck bodies can meet all your needs. Lightweight, rust-proof, and secure, our product will increase your efficiency and help you save money on your work vehicles.

Get more information on our service bodies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Order a Customized Interior Design, or Am I Limited to QPS? 

Most of our customers opt for our Spacekap Quick Ship Packages (QSPs) due to their fast lead time and overall value. However, we do offer customization. If interested, please phone us at 1-800-363-0655 for more information (i.e., estimated time frame, budget, etc.).

Can the Spacekap Be Painted to Match My Pickup?

Yes, the Spacekap can be painted, but we do not currently offer this option. Please check with your local garage and paint shop. We also recommand to wrap your unit locally your enable the full marketing potentiel of your Spacekap with your logo and color on it.

How Much Weight Can Be Put In the Deck/Overhang of a Diablo?

The deck is reinforced to support up to 250 lb. A higher capacity deck/overhang is optional.

Can I Leave My Tools and Equipment inside the Spacekap When Removing It?

Yes, with the use of our lifting bars, you can leave up to 1,000 lb of equipment inside. However, we suggest securing the Spacekap onto a solid surface to prevent injury.

How Long Does It Take To Remove My Spacekap from My Truck?

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Using a forklift takes only 5 minutes to remove your Spacekap from your truck bed.

Can the Spacekap Fit Any Truck Model?

The Spacekap was designed in 1992 to fit universally on all full-size pickup trucks with either a 6.5′ or 8′ bed (Ford F-Series, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra 2007+). Contact us for more features today. We provide quality products to fit your needs.