Contractor & Electrician


Contractor and Electrician trade needs are simple: get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible. What’s worst for a contractor than leaving his van on the side of the road and having to carry with his tools to the job site.  With a SpaceKap coupled with a 4×4 pickup truck the contractor will drive his vehicle right beside the job site no matter the terrain and start working faster.  SpaceKap’s new anchoring system is more rugged, it secures the unit more strongly thus allowing ease of mind in off-road conditions, so go get dirty but don’t worry, your tools won’t – All Spacekap models are built dustproof.   With one of our shelving Quick Ship Packages all your tools and equipment will be secure and ready to work when it’s time.  Also, the 40/60 exclusive back doors will keep the worker safe as he will never have to open street-side door to access the cargo space.

Spacekap on the field

Turn any full-size pickup truck into a building maintenance workhorse.

All new QSP.

Our products are made to last 15 to 20 years without rust. Also with our specially designed shelves from Ranger they will not get lose and stay sound as long as you keep your unit.


Trusted by 1,000+ companies worldwide

Here are the top 10 features of our
SpaceKap transferable service bodies.

Luis Quiroga: how the Spacekap has changed the way he works and operates during his daily service calls at the NBAZ

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Most of our customers opt for our SpaceKap Quick Ship Packages (QSPs) due to their 7 business day lead time and overall value. However, we do offer customization. If interested, please phone us at 1-800-363-0655 for more information (i.e. estimated time frame, budget, etc.).


Yes, the SpaceKapTM can be painted but we do not currently offer this option. Please check with your local garage and paint shop.


The deck is reinforced to support up to 250 lb. A higher capacity deck/overhang is optional. Please contact Fibrobec for more information.


Yes, with the use of our optional jacks, you can leave up to 1,000 lb of equipment inside. However, we suggest lowering the SpaceKap onto a solid surface when doing so in order to prevent injury.


When using a forklift, it takes only 5 minutes to remove your SpaceKap from your truck bed.


The SpaceKap was designed in 1992 to fit universally on all full-size pickups with either a 6.5’ or 8’ bed (Ford F-Series, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra 2007+)