Service Bodies For The Utility Workers & Companies:
How Do They Enhance Your Utility Truck?

Utility trade workers are the backbone of our everyday life: a gas pipe leak, a power line down, and a water pipe burst. Your expertise, when required, cannot wait. People depend on you!

Spacekap products are reliably built with 50 years of know-how and can easily be adapted to your specific needs. They were engineered to be easily transferred to another pickup in the case of mechanical failure or an accident, thus limiting downtime. Considering that factor alone, Spacekap is the smartest solution for a reliable fleet or individual technician. Other brands cannot compete.

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Why Spacekap for your service and utility trucks?

  • Reliable products for your service truck

  • Easy buying format for all of your work needs

  • Purchase Process Quicker

  • Great customer service team to help with your service and utility trucks

  • Adaptable products for your company

  • Enables you to securely & easily store and transport your equipment & tools

Why should you add a service body to your utility truck?

Spacekap is the perfect solution for any utility company or personal use. We have a solution for you from pipeline inspection to water meter installation. With a service body, you can easily store and access all of your equipment. Do all Utilities work more efficiently and effectively with Spacekap.

When you need to transport expensive items to a job site, you need to get a secure way of doing it; Spacekap can accommodate your measurement tools on any road to any job site when coupled with a 4×4 service truck.

Don’t be stuck when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate; put your trust in a Spacekap Service Body and get the job done no matter what.

How Does a Service Body add functionality to Your Utility Truck?

Adding a service body to your heavy-duty or light-duty utility truck will allow you to customize the organization of your equipment. Your Spacekap will allow you to work more efficiently by having everything you need at your fingertips. With a service body, you no longer have to worry about your tools and equipment being damaged in transit.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

When looking for a service body for your service and utility trucks, there are many factors you must consider. In today’s economy, one concern is fuel efficiency. Our Compak model is 12% more fuel-efficient than a cargo van and much more efficient than a trailer. The slide-in service body features a fuel-efficient design (the best in the industry). There is a reason this is one of our most popular categories.

We leveraged the expertise of leading designer Paul Deutschman. The result is a streamlined body that accentuates the existing style of your service trucks with minimum impact on gas mileage. Conserve fuel no matter if your vehicle is diesel or regular.

Enhanced Advertising Functionality

Adding a service body to your service and utility trucks can also provide advertising benefits. By adding your company’s logo and contact information to the side of your service truck, you will be able to promote yourself wherever you go. This can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

Spacekap units are endlessly customizable, so you can attract new clients while traveling to job sites. The durable nature of the Spacekap prevents other marks from damaging your design.

A Quiet Storage Solution

SpaceKap provides utility companies with a quiet solution for transporting their materials, wrenches, wires, and equipment. This product will help to keep the noise level down while on the road and allow you to work more efficiently. You will be able to hear clients on the phone and plan with your team without the interference of loud thuds.


Five Ways a Spacekap Adds Security

When it comes to security, a service body can provide several benefits. Spacekap units can be locked using your key fob, and the lock can be engaged when you’re away from your service trucks. This will help prevent theft, and it will also keep your gear and equipment safe.

In addition, service bodies can also help protect your items and equipment from the elements. If you’re working in an area that is prone to flooding or other weather-related damage, a service body can help to keep your gear and equipment safe.


  1. First, a service body can help protect your equipment from the weather. Instead of being exposed in your truck bed, your equipment will be dry and safe inside the unit.


  2. Second, a service body can help to protect your equipment from theft. The remote locking feature means no one will walk off with your things. You can keep your small and large personal items protected inside utility fleet vehicles.


  3. Third, it can help to protect your equipment from damage. Spacekap units are fully secured. The shelves and racks keep your equipment safe from bumps and bruises.


  4. Fourth, it can help protect your equipment from being lost or stolen. When you drive a service truck with a Spacekap, your workstation will arrive with everything where you left it. No more items sliding across your van.


  5. Fith, a service body can help protect your equipment from being damaged in a flood. Unlike low-floored vans, utility trucks have higher beds, giving a service body extra space. This design gives you more options of where to store your equipment without worrying about it getting wet or damaged, even if you need to ford a river.

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Take your equipment anywhere your truck can go

The Spacekap unit can connect to any pick-up truck in the market so that you can get to any worksite no matter the weather or terrain. In situations vans can’t handle, like when there’s an unexpected snowstorm, the Spacekap unit can save the day. Add a service body to your utility truck and make your worksite visits more efficient.

The Spacekap is the perfect solution for any utilities business. It can transport your items on any road, meters, and gear to any site when coupled with a 4×4 pickup truck. Don’t be stuck when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate—put your trust in a Spacekap service body.

The Spacekap was designed in 1992 to fit universally on all full-size pickups with either a 6.5′ or 8′ bed (Ford F-Series, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra 2007+). This design means that you can easily and securely transport your equipment to any location.

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Functionality Enhancing Additions

Spacekap offers a selection of functional enhancements to make your vehicles work harder for you. With any item added, the capabilities of your vehicle increase.

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Ladder Racks

From step ladders to extension ladders, ladder racks can accommodate your ladders on utility trucks. The Spacekap ladder rack is an ergonomic solution. The more you access the ladder throughout the day, the easier it should be to access and store. For plumbers, adding a tube to your ladder rack system will enable you to transport 10 to 14-foot tubes.

Sliding Trays

Consider adding a sliding tray to your service truck for items you don’t want to lift. This addition will give you an extra level of functionality and convenience in your utility trucks. With a sliding tray, you can easily store and access all your equipment. It can support 1000 pounds and comes with a heavy-duty rubber mat. Plus, the easily accessible design reduces back injuries. The sealed roller bearings improve reliability, and we offer a three-year warranty.

Interior Lights

The addition of interior lights to your utility trucks will not only help you work in low-light conditions, but it will also increase the security of your equipment. See where you are storing your items, and prevent cuts and injury caused by fumbling in your gear. The COMPAK model SpaceKap comes with a surface mount lighting system that features LED with selectable patterns and built-in reflectivity for additional safety.


Service bodies for your service and utility trucks are a great way to enhance the efficiency of your work. They allow you to store and access all of your equipment easily, but they also provide enhanced fuel efficiency and advertising functionality. There is no reason to tow your gear in a trailer or cart it around in a van. The ergonomic design prevents injury by eliminating the need to lift gear.

With any of SpaceKap’s popular types of utility body, you can be sure that the items in your vehicle will be well-protected from the elements and theft. They attach to vehicles of any transmission type.


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