Service Bodies For Telecommunications: How Do They Enhance Your Telecom Truck

Storage is a significant concern in telecom vehicles. Every company needs to consider the best options for transporting cargo while protecting the safety of employees. Service bodies are durable, efficient, and secure. They offer several benefits over other storage options.

Advantages of Service Bodies for Telecommunications Equipment

Firstly, they are built to transport and store telecommunications hardware, making them ideal for telecommunications industry businesses that need to move or store a lot of cargo. Second, service bodies provide shelter from the elements, which can be important when working in cold or wet climates. Third, they can hold materials used for construction or repairs, which can speed up job time and save space. Finally, service bodies are a more affordable storage solution for companies on a budget.

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Why use a Service Body for Service Trucks?

A service body for a pick-up truck is essentially a secure box that sits on the back of the work truck and can be used to store equipment or tools. For the telecom industry, these truck bodies are ideal for storing and transporting telecommunications fleets.

Service bodies for work vehicles offer many advantages over other storage solutions like trailers or vans. They allow easy access to supplies without having to climb into the unit. Compared to a regular van, this design can save time and is more ergonomically correct. At Spacekap, models come in different sizes and designs, so they are flexible enough for any telecom job.

Service bodies and telecom concerns

At Spacekap, our service bodies are specifically built to accommodate telecommunications fleets. They’re lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about adding too much weight to your truck or other work vehicles and hurting your fuel efficiency. They can be combined with ladder racks for jobs at height, and they also provide convenient access to supplies, give your equipment a clean and organized appearance, and keep it safe and dry while you work.

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Easily access anything stored in your truck bed

Finding items quickly can speed up work time and get the job done right. Service bodies for telecom trucks offer this accessibility. You don’t have to climb into the truck bed as you do with a regular van, so reaching your supplies is a lot easier. This design helps prevent injury and allows you to get the job done safely.

Achieve a clean, organized look in your truck

Service bodies also help achieve a clean and organized look in your telecom truck. The design helps keep everything in its place, so you can find what you need when you need it.

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Keep your materials safe and dry while working

Service bodies can also provide shelter and safety from the elements while you are working in cold or wet climates. It lets you keep your materials safe and dry, so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined.

Installation is quick and easy

Service bodies are easy to install, which is a significant advantage over other storage solutions. Whether you are installing Spacekap units on a fleet of service trucks and vehicles, or a single work truck, the process is simple and designed for user safety. This design helps prevent injury.

How do you choose the right service body for your needs?

Service bodies for telecom trucks store and transport telecommunications tools. You can access supplies from the rear of your truck, and keep items safe and dry. We also offer adaptable sizing choices. Choosing the right service body for your needs can be tricky, but our team at Spacekap is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our service bodies and find the perfect one for your business.

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Specific Job Telecommunications Industry Configurations Available

Spacekap models can be customized to fit the needs of different telecom-related jobs, such as those of the end-user installation technician or the Fiberoptic backbone installer. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any work environment, and the truck design can be altered for improved efficiency. From maintenance crews to technicians to contractors, there is a Spacekap service body that can help any telecom professional deliver communications services and support, creating satisfied customers.

Benefits for Telecommunications Technicians

Height and Size Options for Every Fleet

If your work brings you into underground parking garages where telecom rooms are frequently located, use the Compak unit. The side doors make it easy for technicians to access their equipment and supplies without having to climb into the unit. These features will save time and increase productivity since they won’t have to search for what they need in a van or truck bed.

For outside jobs, consider the Wild model. The service body is taller, allowing the operator to get inside. Unlike in a van, you may fully utilize 100% of the cargo area with a drawer or sliding tray system with this model. Also, access is available from the outside at the rear of the vehicle.

Our flagship Diablo model is the largest. This model’s Fiber Optic rear door configuration allows you to pass the cables through a rear opening, delivering service quicker than before to create excellent customer relations.


Service bodies for telecom trucks are a great way to store and transport your telecommunications equipment. They offer several advantages over other storage solutions, such as access to supplies, the ability to keep materials safe and dry, flexible sizing options, and greater capacity. Choosing the right service body for your needs can be tricky, but our team at Spacekap is here to help.

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