A Word from the President

Frederic Albert President of Spacekap Inc.


On behalf of SpaceKap™, I would like to express my full support to those who have been working to build our service bodies and truck covers for more than four decades. Today, we are at the forefront of many industries with the SpaceKap and we will continue to offer uniquely designed products that respond to our customer’s demands.

The manufacturing of each of our products requires an extensive knowledge of composite materials and business intelligence that we have carefully developed at our headquarters over the last 40 years. All our employees and partners have devoted their daily lives to crafting of only the best products.

From being the first fiberglass cap manufacturer in Canada, to designing and launching the first and industry-leading slip-in body, to offering innovative cargo management solutions like : sliding trays, patented anchoring systems or leading turnaround times with our Quick Ship Packages (QSP), our goal has always been to provide our partners and customers with premium products and support.

Our manufacturing processes and controls comply with the highest industry standards and never deviate from the quality standards that we set for ourselves so many years ago. With my partner, Fred Chabanne, we have given ourselves the mission to deliver the highest quality products and service in our industry.

Today our “handcrafted” products are recognized for their innovative features, as well as their durability and cost-effectiveness, by fleets and professionals all over North America. Now more than ever, Fibrobec is focused on delivering high quality, versatile and sustainable products to meet the secured transportation needs of all our customers.

Fred Albert, President