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Transferable Slide-In Service Bodies That Is Compatible With Any Pickup Truck

Our service bodies are universal fit and can be installed on any full-size pickup truck in the market. SpaceKap is the BEST alternative to a cargo van.
With our Quick Ship Packages, you can have a service truck body delivered to your door as fast as seven days. Its durability and versatility will allow you to increase your productivity.

North America's leading manufacturer of fiberglass commercial slip-in service bodies for pickup trucks

Spacekap™ is the largest manufacturer of fiberglass service bodies for commercial use. We have over fifty employees with decades in the industry, providing them ample opportunity to perfect their craftsmanship on such high-quality products as Spacekaps™’ transferable service bodies developed collaboratively by celebrated automotive designer Paul Deutschman.


All SpaceKap™ models are slip-in transferable service bodies that offer a universal fit for all full-size pickup trucks in the market with a 6.5′ or 8′ bed. You can easily install or remove the capsule from your pickup truck within a few minutes if you need to switch vehicles or replace your truck. Need shelves? All our models are designed to receive our standard customized shelving solutions.

Spacekap Compak with open doors and sliding tray

The Compak Slide-In Service Body

The Compak is ideal for those who work in the city and use underground parking. Once installed on your vehicle, the Compak blend into your truck design and ensured a smooth ride every time.

Spacekap Wild with back and side door open

The Wild Slide-In Service Body

Our Wild service body is an excellent choice for anyone who needs plenty of space and convenient access. With an interior height that's 53 inches tall, you can comfortably move around inside the unit. Transform your work truck into a van; you will rely on a rugged solution.

Rear view of the Spacekap Diablo fiberglass service body with the doors open - minimized

The Diablo Slide-In Service Body

The Diablo service body provides more than enough space to store all of those tools you need on-site and can quickly assist off-road or remote job sites with just one unit! Do you search to replace those high-roof vans? The versatility of our Diablo model is the perfect solution for you.

Introduction to SpaceKap

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Discover and learn about all the best features of the SpaceKap. 

Our Accessories

Keep your service bodies organized and efficient with our accessories! We offer shelves, lights, ladder racks & more to make sure you can find what’s needed when it is most convenient for both workers on-site and management who may be remotely monitoring things from afar. Increase your productivity en meet your customer’s expectations faster.

The QSP HVAC Ranger shelving solutions with 4 shelves, 4 bins & a parts keeper tower for the Diablo service body

Shelving Solutions

In partnership with Ranger Design, we created shelving systems that are customizable and easy to use, which increases the storage space of your Spacekap service body without sacrificing any of your preferences or needs. Need your service truck bodies fast? Our Quick Ship Packages (QSP) can ship within seven business days.

Techno Fab Work Rack

Ladder Racks

Keep your Spacekap service body organized and protected with a ladder rack system. Made for safety, these durable aluminum or steel structures can be installed on any model to give you extra storage space without sacrificing comfort. We have standard drop-down models designed to secure your truck and driver on the road.

Singe 48" Sliding Tray Accessory

Sliding Trays

Spacekap is always looking for ways to make your life easier, and our sliding trays are no exception. With the ability to conveniently store all of those materials you used during work in one place without taking up too much unnecessary space on-site or risking injury. Get what you need at the right time.

Led light square - Accessories

Other Accessories

Customize your service body with our selection of accessories, including lights, power inverters, and tubes, to create the perfect setup for you.

A Service Body For Every Job

We know that every professional has their way of doing things, and we’re here to help you find the solution for whatever trade or profession it may be. Whether a general contractor, electrician, or plumber, our service bodies will ensure all your jobs get done right!

building maintenance banner

Building Maintenance

Spacekap has helped people in building maintenance industries worldwide by providing a secure way to store and transport their equipment. Whether you're in the HVAC, pump maintenance, security systems, and many other industries, we've got your back!

parcel delivery banner

Parcel Delivery

For years, the parcel delivery industry has relied on vans to deliver their packages regardless of what kind they were destined for. SpaceKap has a solution that would not only benefit you financially by allowing your company's expenditures to be spread out over time but also guarantee you will get packages delivered. Mountains, lousy weather, remote areas are no trouble for our units.

Telecommunication banner


Spacekap provides versatile and secure service bodies for workers in the telecom industry. It can be customized to accommodate all related applications from end-user installation technicians, fiber optic backbone infrastructure installers, or any other particular need within this space.

first responder banner

First responders

The Spacekap product line is highly customizable to cater to the requirements of first responders. This includes mobile command centers for chief officers and convenient tool storage for firefighters. If you require a tailored solution, we have collaborated with a company to develop a SpaceKap unit designed to address the daily challenges these professionals face.

Contractor Banner

Contractors and electricians

Contractors and electricians need to be fast, efficient workers. The worst thing for a contractor is leaving his van on the side of the road with all the tools he requires at a job site. Spacekap service bodies can secure it more firmly, so there are no worries about off-road conditions, which means a faster work schedule.
Bring your toolbox directly to the construction site.

utilities banner


The Spacekap service body is a safe and cost-effective solution for utility companies with high-value tools. The models have enough room in their bodies to fit instruments securely, making sure cargo is safe at all times. Good workers with the right tools get the job done.

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