Spacekap still number one…even after 32 years!

Spacekap still number one…even after 32 years!

The Spacekap team spent last week in Indianapolis attending the “North America Work Truck Event,” an annual gathering that has been held for 20 years and brings together manufacturers of commercial trucks, builders, and related service companies. This trade show allows participants to discover the latest products and technologies in the industry.

It’s an excellent opportunity for Spacekap to meet its key suppliers and American clients: “We take advantage of this event to shake hands and discuss with people in the industry but also to introduce our products to those who are not yet familiar with them,” said Julien Bergeron-Côté, the general manager at Spacekap.

The Spacekap team consists of Julien Bergeron-Côté, Jack Lord, Frederic Albert, Alex Lord, and Olivier Provencher

An established reputation for a long time

The company based in Quebec has been a part of the landscape for over 50 years and is considered the largest manufacturer of fiberglass truck boxes in Canada. In recent years, Spacekap has successfully penetrated the American market, so much so that today, 50 percent of its revenue comes from the United States.

Several competitors were also present, such as Mercedes and Ram, to showcase their vans: “We saw it clearly at this show, our Spacekap still holds the top spot in the market, and no one can compete with our product. In terms of manufacturing capacity, trucks are ahead of vans. Our service units are transferable from one pickup to another and are built to survive of average 3 different trucks for next 20 years” proudly adds Julien Bergeron-Côté.

When Spacekap meets a great celebrity

In addition to confirming its role as a leader, Spacekap took advantage of the “Work Truck Event” to make some pleasant encounters. Indeed, the former star player of the Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith, was one of the guests of the show. Smith, who holds 3 Super Bowl rings, didn’t hesitate to take a photo with the members of Spacekap, showing that the best associate with the best!

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