Did you know that Spacekap can adapt to all styles of industries?

Did you know that Spacekap can adapt to all styles of industries?


Spacekap units can be installed on any van and for any type of worker.

Purchasing a Spacekap proves to be a reliable and versatile solution for all types of industries whether it’s businesses specializing in building maintenance, parcel delivery, telecommunications, first responders, contractors, electricians or even utilities!

Our extensive range of customizable service units caters to all professions!

1- Building Maintenance: Spacekap offers a solution for storing and transporting equipment for building maintenance, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security systems and much more. Technicians have easy access to their tools and equipment, thus improving efficiency.

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2- Parcel Delivery: If you’re looking to optimize your delivery operations, you need a Spacekap! Our units can help you save time and money, even in mountainous terrain, remote areas and unfavorable weather conditions.

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3 – Telecommunications: Spacekap service units are adaptable to the needs of telecommunications industry workers, especially for cable and fiber optic storage.


4 – First Responders: When it comes to first responders, speed is a priority. Our customizable Spacekap makes the work of firefighters and service chiefs dealing with urgent situations efficient, including mobile command centers.

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5 – Contractors and Electricians: Time is money! Contractors and electricians need to be quick and efficient. Our storage system minimizes the risk of leaving equipment or tools in the field, resulting in cost savings for your business.

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6 – Utilities: Our Spacekap service units offer a cost-effective solution for utility companies that often need to transport high-value equipment. It’s possible to lock and secure these tools safely, ensuring the cargo remains intact.

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Feel free to contact us for more details or a quote. Our representatives are here to serve you.