Five reasons to buy a Spacekap instead of a service van

Five reasons to buy a Spacekap instead of a service van


Recognized throughout North America for over 50 years, Spacekap has been a leader in the production of fiberglass service units. 

Some of our customers sometimes wonder if they should purchase a Spacekap or a service van, such as the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter.

Here are five reasons to choose a Spacekap unit :

1 – Separation between the driver’s cabin and cargo space

For many reasons, having distinct spaces for the driver’s cabin and the service unit is a huge advantage. First, passengers enjoy superior soundproofing, being separated from the load area by an insulated wall. Furthermore, there is increased safety in case of a crash – no tools or equipment will fly off the back and hit someone in the cabin. And finally, fumes and odors emanating from the load area will remain there.

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  • The truck’s reliability

It is no secret that 4WD trucks were created to support heavy loads and venture on all types of terrain. They are versatile, rugged, and powerful. The addition of a Spacekap service unit is the logical choice to make. Truck maintenance costs will be cheaper than the ones you would pay for a van, as there will be less stress on the suspension, brakes, and frame.

  • The Spacekap is universal and transferable

The Spacekap has unique transferability. They are built to be used on two to five distinct trucks. You only require a forklift to transfer it from one truck to another. Designed in 1992, the Spacekap will fit any full-sized pick-up truck, and its transfer is quick and easy, as you will not have to remove any of your tools and supplies.

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  • The capacity of the carrier truck

Unlike a van, a 4WD vehicle equipped with Spacekap can easily negotiate any road conditions on the way to the construction site. By choosing one of our models, you will save on fuel and have a return on your investment the day you decide to resell it.

  • You will make your employees happy!

In a labor shortage context, you must not neglect the happiness of your employees. A fun, safe, quiet drive, along with the numerous storage spaces of our Spacekap units, are just a few elements that will enhance the well-being of your employees.

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These are all great reasons to choose Spacekap products.

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