Oscar Sanchez Silva: The Perfect Example of Successful Integration

Oscar Sanchez Silva: The Perfect Example of Successful Integration


At Spacekap, we spare no effort in achieving success in the hiring and retention of our foreign workers. In a previous article, we emphasized the importance of supporting these immigrants so they can integrate into their new lives, both professionally and personally.

We take pride in seeing these workers thrive, adapting to our culture, language, and company. Oscar Sanchez Silva is one of them. A native of Peru, Oscar left everything behind in 2021 to settle in Canada with his wife and three children. He was hired at Spacekap in May 2022 as a laminator. However, his skills and human qualities quickly led to a promotion within Spacekap.


Learning new language

In addition to working full-time at Spacekap, Oscar Sanchez Silva is enrolled in language classes, four days a week: “I go to school from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, and then I work from 3:30 pm to 2:30 am. My days are busy, but I am proud to say that I have reached level 4 of language proficiency on the Government of Quebec’s scale,” specifies the 50-year-old man.

It’s safe to say that he is not content with just attending language classes; he succeeds with flying colors!

A Well-Deserved Honor

Last March,
Oscar was honored by the Adult Education Center of the Patriots, following a
regional competition organized by the school board, to highlight students’
perseverance. His written composition entitled “My New Life” caught
the judges’ attention, and his involvement was recognized at the “Grande
Ourse” gala.

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Here’s an excerpt from the text written by Oscar:

“It’s often said that we forge our own destiny, some with more effort than others, but forging it often entails making many sacrifices, abandoning and planning many things. Over time, this requires a lot of courage, determination, and, when it comes to thinking about a different future for the sake of one’s family abroad, it means there is much to tell…

Before making the momentous decision to leave my country, there were many years of research, scenario analysis, exploring better options, browsing the internet, mutual advice, discussions with friends living in Canada, and many conversations with my wife to find all the answers to the doubts and questions we had…

It’s something we will never forget, tears at every goodbye, at every gathering organized by friends and family to bid farewell to us as we left the country. Leaving behind so many loved ones and friends, so many years of experience, your customs, your life, with one clear goal of packing your story into a few suitcases to realize it in a new country and thus forge a new future, with the only weapons and tools that life has given you – your family and the life experience each one has acquired.

Congrats Oscar! Spacekap is proud of you and all your colleagues at the factory. You are a wonderful example of resilience. Thank you for your commitment and dedication!”