Your tools at your fingertips

Your tools at your fingertips

Contactor accessing the back of his Spacekap service body in a work setting

Optimize your workspace with a truly portable toolbox that accompanies you throughout the day.

Need more storage space?

The SpaceKap is the perfect solution to finally enjoy the full-size area of your pick-up truck bed. With a unique, ergonomic design, you can organize a workspace with accessories that satisfy your needs. Thus, you can increase the interior storage space by up to 50 percent.

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Each model offers you a surprising volume of interior space. For instance, the DIABLO is very spacious and offers a clear height of 75 inches —enough to stand up straight! Pair it with a 4 x 4 truck and you will no longer need a trailer. In addition, models that offer side doors reduce the dead zones present in all the cargo parts of a service vehicle. The design and available variety of configurations allow 320-degree access and the ability to work outdoors at all times.

The work units are easily portable and make it possible to load a large amount of equipment in the back of the truck. Your workshop will follow you from one construction site to the next.

Ergonomic design

The versatility of SpaceKap units allows you to adapt your truck to your needs. Every square foot becomes accessible. In order to create an optimal mobile workstation, many options are available to you.

We know that each industry requires different equipment and specifications. Whether shelves, QSP storage units (see link) or sliding trays, we can find a solution to meet your every need.

Evidence proves that well-designed and well-organized workspace dramatically increases productivity. Improved management of the cargo space is therefore beneficial to you, your employees and also your company. As a business manager, you will rest assured that your vehicle fleet is optimized to ensure the availability of a service unit, at all times.

Many satisfied customers have told us that using SpaceKap units has bettered the quality of their daily lives and those of their employees. Wait no longer! Get in touch today for more information.