Unique and Adaptable Shelving Solutions by Spacekap

Unique and Adaptable Shelving Solutions by Spacekap


Did you know that Spacekap has developed its own shelving solutions to meet the demands of its customers?

Following market research with major industry players, we concluded that it was necessary to develop customized shelves that meet more than 80 percent of our customers’ needs. This achievement was made possible through a partnership with Ranger Design, a local supplier in business since 1988, who has made a name for themselves across North America with their high-quality products.


This shelving solution is advantageous for entrepreneurs because it is quick and easy to install. The sets are standardized, so there is no need to measure or design the shelving unit. Our shelving systems are customizable and easy to use. With these shelves, your storage space is greatly increased. Our QuickShip packages (QSP) allow for rapid installation of shelves in the service unit and shipment within seven business days.

QSP Contractor Ranger shelving solutions for the Wild service body - 2 strong shelves (15" & 10" deep) on each side and 2 hooks at the back
Examples of Shelves Adapted to Diablo Models
QSP PLumber/Electrician Ranger shelving solution for Diablo service body - 4-shelf with a cabinet & 3-shelf with longer upper shelf

Our shelves adapt to all our service units, whether it’s Compak, Wild, or Diablo. These shelving and bin storage units are unique: they combine the strength and rigidity of aluminum profiles, providing lightweight and noise-free solutions.

QSP HVAC Ranger shelving solutions for the Wild service body - with ample storage areas and dividers in the shelves on the passenger side

Purchasing a Spacekap and our exclusive shelves proves to be a reliable and versatile solution for all types of industries. Whether it’s companies specializing in building maintenance, parcel delivery, telecommunications, first responder industries, contractors, electricians, or even public services, our wide range of customizable service units meets all professional needs! Since 1972, Spacekap has been here to meet your needs, which is why the company is today considered the largest manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps in Canada.

Feel free to contact us for more details or a quote; our representatives are here to serve you.