Follow the adventures of photographer Mathieu Dupuis aboard his Spacekap Diablo

Follow the adventures of photographer Mathieu Dupuis aboard his Spacekap Diablo



Fibrobec is pleased to announce a special collaboration with renowned photographer/author, Mathieu Dupuis. The Spacekap Diablo will proudly be by his side on his future travels across Canada over the next few months. In 2017, Mathieu signed a contract as photographer/author for the National Geographic, and is currently preparing a book about his native province “Quebec”, which is scheduled for publishing in 2018, in association with Tourisme Quebec. A film about his “way of life”; working and living on the road, will also be documented shortly after the book release.

As for his reason to choose the Diablo as a traveling companion is that Mathieu needed a reliable product, one that allowed transferability from one truck to another and that would follow him everywhere he would travel whether in the back country, on rough trails, and in any weather condition. “I discovered the SpaceKap products and was stunned to realize all the potential when combined with a pick-up truck”, explained Mathieu Dupuis.

The Spacekap Diablo was the perfect fit for Mathieu’s needs for a base camp, as well as remarkable cargo headroom, securely fitting all of Mathieu’s equipment and providing the space needed. Perfectly adaptable to any requirements, durable and versatile, the Spacekap Diablo was an obvious choice to help the “Van life” influencer face all the adventures.

We are proud to be part of his journey.

You can follow his travels in the Spacekap Diablo here :



Mathieu Dupuis Website

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