Fibrobec signs a seven-year collective agreement with employees affiliated to United Steelworkers

Fibrobec signs a seven-year collective agreement with employees affiliated to United Steelworkers



Fibrobec, the largest manufacturer of fiberglass transferable pickup truck boxes in North America, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a seven-year agreement with employees at its manufacturing plant in Beloeil, which are affiliated with the United Steelworkers, the largest private sector union in Quebec. The ratification of this long term agreement will not only modify some specific clauses relating to trades and occupations in the factory, but it will also allow management to maintain its productivity targets due to a skilled workforce and stable production costs.

The agreement signed on October 7, 2014, will allow for all jobs to stay in Beloeil, while Fibrobec continues to dominate the Canadian market and becomes increasingly present in the United States. The plant, which has a core of workers with more than 30 years of experience and has been unionized since 1980, signed the first collective agreement spanning for more than three years. The agreement comes after the company has had an outstanding year with a 26.7% increase in productivity in the SpaceKap manufacturing plant.

Fibrobec’s management was able to maintain profitability and earn the trust of its employees, by reaching the business goals set in 2011. But for Frederic Albert, Fibrobec’s CEO, the increase in productivity is not enough, he wants double the company’s revenues within the next three years. He says: “The manufacturing sector is unique, it’s not only a matter of cost. We need our employees’ support to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency, which in turn will allow us to offer our clients more competitive prices. Thanks to a team of experienced workers, who understand our business issues, that we will soon become the largest manufacturer of commercial fiberglass products in North America!”

Since 1992, the SpaceKap fiberglass service units created by Fibrobec have been appearing all over the American and Canadian business landscape. Due to the introduction of more expensive commercial vans like Ford Transit and Dodge ProMaster in the market, many companies are now choosing to buy a pickup truck (half ton pickup) and adding a SpaceKap. This solution provides a service vehicle under $ 30,000, as well as reduces fuel consumption by close to 12% on average, compared to commercial vans. Practical and versatile, the SpaceKap units are designed to facilitate the transfer of from one van to another, demonstrating the ROI in the first year of purchase.

The SpaceKap is now considered an attractive and sustainable solution that meets the needs of corporations who are looking for an affordable, safe, reusable and transferable transportation units for their fleet of service vehicles. Prominent American companies have chosen to trust the Quebec company: Enercon, REPower, Time Warner, Texas Border Patrol, Holmatro, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson Controls, New York City Department of Transportation and even the US Navy. Locally, Fibrobec provides service units to Bell Canada, CN, ESSO, Hydro-Québec and Vidéotron.

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