Techno-Easy: Simple Productivity

Drop-down and rear-loading roof racks are easy to install and use. You can easily reach your ladders and reduce the strain on your back. Installed on a WILD, it will optimize cargo space.

With easy operation and low maintenance (no gas spring and no oil dampers), you can secure a 32-feet extension ladder.

This ladder rack is available in aluminum which is produced by our manufacturing partner Techno-Fab, and it is available in steel which is produced by our manufacturing partner Prime Design.


  • Single or double drop down

  • In just a few minutes, it adjusts from a stepladder to a ladder and from a ladder to a stepladder.

  • Extension arm included in the box

  • Easy handling for a 26″ drop

  • Ideal for vehicles with low or medium roofs

Can Be Installed on the Following Models

Techno-Fab Techno Easy cap rack