Spacekap is turning heads and making Americans consider their eco-friendly products

Spacekap is turning heads and making Americans consider their eco-friendly products

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Fibrobec is popular with American companies who are increasingly adopting their eco-responsible products. Since 2011, the SpaceKap fiberglass service units built Fibrobec have been popping around the American business landscape. The SpaceKap is now considered an attractive and sustainable solution that meets corporate transportation needs for affordable commercial units that present safety features, are reusable and are easily transferable to other vehicles of the fleet. Renowned companies such as Cumberland Farms, Enercon, REPower, Time Warner, Texas Border Patrol, Holmatro, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson Controls, New York City Department of Transportation and even the US Navy are choosing to trust the Beloeil company.

For Cumberland Farms, a client since 2012, the choice of SpaceKap was simple. “After using Ford Transits, Nissan NV vans and other split bodies with metal side panels, that consumed a lot of fuel, we had to find a solution. Combining a SpaceKap with a Ford F-150 equipped with a EcoboostTM engine is the recipe that has allowed us to achieve impressive fuel economy, “said Thomas Sansoucy, Cumberland Farms project manager, who owns 600 stores and 400 service stations across the United States. According to data collected by the company, they now have a utilization efficiency of 16 l / 100 km on average with SpaceKap, compared to 21 l / 100 km previously obtained with the Nissan NV. Each of these service units enables the customer to save about 1326 liters of fuel each year. This is a significant fuel saving for a company who has ten vehicles, running on average 4184 km every month, close to 50 208 km per year.

SpaceKap, Ford and SEMABeyond private companies, Fibrobec is also working to interest US automakers into adopting its SpaceKaps. Thus, Ford recently invited Fibrobec to attend the SEMA Show in Nevada. “Ford introduced a special vehicle manufactured in partnership with Eco Trek Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with automakers to promote the use of renewable fuels and materials in the automotive, RV and transport “proudly stated the CEO of Fibrobec, Fred Albert. The Ford Eco Trek vehicle was equipped with a special SpaceKap box and ready for adventure.

Vehicles built by the Eco Trek use recycled materials: wheels, tires, door panels, seat covers, exhaust systems and more. Eco Trek works with SEMA and its members to build and promote the effectiveness of customized vehicles that are respectful of the environment, and presents them at major events. They use the vehicles for ecological and humanitarian projects across North and Central America. To visit Foundation website and watch a video about projects click here: