Another HVAC company picks SpaceKap over cargo vans to replace their fleet

Another HVAC company picks SpaceKap over cargo vans to replace their fleet

Farrells Heating

Meet Farrell’s Heating and Air Conditioning who has been serving the people in Sioux City Iowa since 1976.  Their highly trained technicians vocalized to their president Richard C. Farrell Jr., that the cargo vans they were using were not the best match for their operational needs due to several problems. Action had to be taken to change the vocational focus of the vehicle type used by Farrell for far too long.

The issues faced by cargo vans users

First, when customers in rural or off road areas are requesting Farrell’s services, the cargo van is not the best option. Some appointments have to be canceled or postponed because the location is hard to reach with this type of vehicle.

The workers often complain that the cargo vans are also hard on them because of all the climbing in and out of the vehicle in order to access their tools and equipment. Therefore injuries and chronic pains occur on a regular basis.

Lastly, When the time comes to trade the vans,  resale value is very low because the whole unit has to be replaced and most have lots of mileage and are showing considerable wear and tear.

Farrell needed to be more productive and offer better and faster service to their customers. They found the solution in SpaceKap and are proud to say “You know you hired a professional when one of our new SpaceKap rigs pulls up!”.

SpaceKap to the rescue

Call us, we’ll be there!

They found a solution to these issues when they tried their first SpaceKap transferable service body. With a pickup truck combined with a SpaceKap, hard to reach roads and rural locations are no longer an issue. When snow, slippery roads or really bad weather occur, this mobile workstation can handle the situation much better than cargo vans.

Organization 101

Farrell’s workers were happy to report that the SpaceKap offers superior organization than the van. The possibilities in terms of storage customization and accessories options such as shelving solutions and sliding trays are endless. Most importantly their technicians don’t need to do all the climbing in and out of the vehicle, because everything is accessible with both feet on the ground thanks to the slide out doors that give access to their tools from the outside. This reduces the risk of injuries and gets the job done faster.  

Long-term investment solution

When the pickup truck has to be replaced or serviced,  the SpaceKap service body can be transferred to another pickup in approximately 90 minutes with the use of a SpaceKap’s jack system or a forklift. A service van, when replaced, needs to be upfitted with new shelving and storage bins as opposed to the SpaceKap which can be flipped over onto a new truck. The durability and lightweight design, which reduces fuel consumption of the SpaceKap models are made to last 3-4 pickup trucks. This increases the value of their investment considerably.

In less than one year, Farrell’s acquired a total of 4 SpaceKap units and are looking to replace their fleet of 27 cargo vans with SpaceKaps.



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