5 Reasons Contractors are buying SpaceKaps

5 Reasons Contractors are buying SpaceKaps

Spacekap Compak service body for contractors with the back doors opened & sliding tray extended in a development project

For Contractors, the service truck is much more than just a vehicle with four wheels that can drive you to point A to point B. This portable workstation on wheels is undeniably one of the most important and fundamental part of your business.

Conveniently designed

A well-organized workspace is an ideal way to increase productivity and efficiency. In choosing the perfect truck cap, contractors have to consider the quality of materials used, a well-organized space and longevity. Made of fiberglass, a lightweight yet strong material, your SpaceKap will outlast 2-5 pickup trucks.

In addition, each contractor field of work requires different needs when it comes to the interior of their mobile workstation. Creating the foundation for the perfect workspace is made easy with our custom interior uplift. Everything is conveniently in the right place, easily reachable, simple to use and to replace/restocked.

The SpaceKap versatile service bodies offer great space for branding. Promoting your business using the side panels is ideally convenient.

Easy-to-use cap

The interior of your truck caps is a complete user-friendly space. Locating a specific tool or material is an effortless task. Want something, go ahead grab it! With the 320 degrees of accessibility, you can reach a specific tool, simply from the outside of your truck. Reducing the climbing in and out of your business on wheels.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or a full-time business of contractors, your fleet can be organized in a way that all employees can use one mobile workstation or another. This increases the flexibility and asset value of your vehicle.


Contractors rely on heavy duty and expensive tools to do their job, and keeping these tools and materials safely inside their workstation is very important. With a truck cap, the security for your hauled items is resolved. Our SpaceKaps models are fully rust and waterproof, thus keeping every part dry and safe. Also, protecting yourself and your employees from theft is a non-issue, with the 40/60 backdoors that allow access to your cargo while keeping only the passenger side door opened.

Fits all trucks

The transferability of your SpaceKap eliminates downtime if a pick up needs servicing for example, or simply to be replaced thus never losing access to your tools and materials. Whatever model of pickup trucks you choose, your SpaceKap will fit on any full-sized truck. It can even be parked in your home garage.

Adapts to 4-wheel drive pickups

Whether a job site is off-road or in the city, your SpaceKap transferable service body can handle it. Unlike a traditional service van, a 4-wheel drive pickup truck and cap can endure the toughest conditions on any construction site.

By choosing one of our models, not only will you save on fuel efficiency and be the proud owner of the ultimate mobile storage system, you will also see the return on your investment, it’s a guarantee.

See what models work best for your business;https://spacekap.com/compare-models/